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9th Floor, 900 6 Avenue SW,
Calgary, AB T2P 3K2
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About MAGA

MAGA Energy Ltd. (Make Alberta Great Again) is a private oil & gas production company based in Calgary, Alberta, with 20 employees. Current total production is approximately 1,800 BOED, equally weighted between oil, gas, and natural gas liquids. The total well count of MAGA is approximately 250 with 95 producing wells. MAGA’s land position consists of 100 sections (64,000 acres), the majority of which carry a 100% working interest.

MAGA’s business scope starts with a careful review of the geologic potential of each well followed by developing a plan to maximize recovery of the high-quality medium to light oil and natural gas resources in all geologic zones. MAGA reuses and recycles existing equipment and leases, thus minimizing environmental impact by reducing a new footprint on the land.

MAGA’s scope also includes electric power generation using high efficiency natural gas fired generation. The company is positioning to capture carbon dioxide from its gas fired power generation and use it for enhanced oil recovery thereby achieving a new standard in emissions intensity for dispatchable power and liquid petroleum resource recovery.

MAGA’s core areas are just west and north of Edmonton including Acheson, Spruce Grove, Golden Spike, St. Albert, Campbell-Morinville, and Westlock.

MAGA Fields

Due to the proximity of our operations to urban areas, MAGA has an unwavering commitment to be responsible stewards in our area. The company is governed by decisions that drive our industry leading record and minimize our environmental footprint while making sound economic sense. The most recent projects include the remediation of abandoned sites while working with local landowners and developers and, utilizing the Government of Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program to supplement expenditures.

Our long-term success is achieved by treating landowners and lessors as valued business partners, maintaining open communications, and operating with upmost respect for the environment. We strive for this success daily by promoting a safe and healthy environment for our employees, landowners, and surrounding communities; and by building quality, long lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders.

A significant part of MAGA’s operation is on Enoch Cree Nation [Maskêkosak nehiyowak] Lands, Treaty No.6 Territory, just west of Edmonton. MAGA is working with the Enoch band leadership and band members in a friendly business way to foster a win-win relationship.

The MAGA management team has a different mentality and strategy for future growth. The first priority is to resume production of shut-in wells and develop the by-passed oil & gas potential. Wells without economic potential will be abandoned as early as possible so the surface land owners can pursue their plans for the land.

MAGA is working on several gas-to-power generation projects that supply electricity to onsite data centres and will recover the exhausted heat and CO2 to local green house operators. This effort will benefit the local communities by creating more job and business opportunities while reducing the carbon footprint of the company operations.

MAGA intends to turn a significant portion of future profits into abandonment, reclamation, and remediation efforts on wells, facilities, and lands that are now inactive and were left by original and subsequent ownership. Significant value exists in 100% owned undeveloped resource oil and gas mineral lands that will ensure MAGA meets our Asset Retirement Obligations.